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Move-Up America is not your traditional real estate brokerage but was established with Homebuilders and their Buyer’s needs first and foremost. We offer a variety of services that help builders increase sales, receive accurate information they need to better manage those sales, and improve closing percentages.

By offering Move-Up America services you will:

  • Sell more homes by saving your customers up to 75% off of traditional listing fees towards the sale of their current home
  • Close more homes with accurate reporting and a 93% success rate
  • Meet your buyer’s needs with a variety of programs advantageous to any situation


Improve Information / Management

  • Our Property Acceptance Analysis gives you all the up-front market information you need to make informed decisions. With a consistent format and easy to read grading system you won’t spend a lot of time searching for your answers.
  • Our On-Line reports ensure you have accurate, up-to-date information on all your transactions at your fingertips…convenient access when needed—a closing coordinator’s dream.


Marketing / Follow Up

  • Our Digital Re-Engagement pieces provide your sales staff a colorful flyer to encourage follow up on the least re-engaged customer out there…the one with a home to sell.
  • Our Mail Out Services are the perfect way to announce new communities, section openings, product changes, or bonus offerings.

A. Mail Out Version 1

B. Mail Out Version 2

C. Mail Out Version 3


It’s no secret that the new home sales teams are trending younger and less experienced. Move-Up America coordinates with its builder clients to provide effective initial training on how to successfully set expectations and manage the process of selling to prospects with an existing home to deal with. By sending your new hires out into the field with a clearer understanding of how the resale process works and how to coordinate with new home timelines, you will improve their ability to be successful and close more homes. Knowledge is power and new hires we speak with are better prepared and more successful early in their careers.

MLS Services

  • Move-Up America can assist with exposing your inventory in MLS
  • Move-Up America can assist with providing MLS comparable data for new projects or competition studies
  • Move-Up America can assist in providing data to counter low appraisals





Who is representing you?

State law requires all license holders to provide Information About Brokerage Services (DE, GA, MD, NC, SC, TXVA) and the Consumer Protection Notice to prospective clients.

The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) administers and enforces federal laws and establishes policies that make sure all Americans have equal access to the housing of their choice.