Everything You Should Know About Home Staging: From Reasons to ROI

Many years ago, houses for sale on the real estate marketplace were often empty, especially newly constructed homes. Staging a house makes it appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, selling the property quicker and for more money.

 Statistically Speaking

 According to Home Staging Resources, in a survey of over 3,500 staged homes, 50% of them sold for an average of 11% more and obtained a 1,000% return on their staging investment. Non-staged homes spend an average of 90 days or more on the open market compared to a staged home selling in only eleven days according to these statistics.

 Why It Works

One of the reasons that staging is so effective is that a potential buyer often has a difficult time seeing possibilities in an empty environment. Vacant houses also seem smaller and less appealing without dressing and furniture. Conversely, homes filled with the owner's possessions can sometimes seem cramped, outdated, messy or cluttered even if they are not.

 Realtors Agree

 In another survey of over 2,500 realtors, they reported on their favorite recommendations for minor improvements that return big on small investments. Staging leads the list with an average $75 dollars being spent, increasing the average selling price almost $4,000, with an astounding 4,600% ROI. Often considered a part of staging, cleaning and decluttering the living space, for the same $75 investment, delivered up to $1,500 more for the asking price at a 1,500% ROI. Even using some lightening and brightening techniques delivers a 1,500% ROI.

 For more information on staging, moving up and moving on to a new home, please contact us today. Whether you're upsizing, downsizing, moving across town or across the country, we can help.

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