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FAQs - Builder FAQs

Because transactions with an existing home to sell are a vital piece of your business. The extent to which you successfully manage this portion of your sales has a huge impact on year-end sales totals, cancellations, inventory and closings, not to mention the time and energy invested by staff that could be focused on making additional sales.

By providing the information you need to make informed decisions and administering the oversight to make sure all parties are doing what needs to be done to insure a successful closing. It starts with our up front Property Acceptance Analysis which gives you accurate information on the viability of the transaction in a consistent, easy to read format including an overall “Grade” for easy reference.

It continues with our active management of customer, realtor and in many instances on site sales staff to make sure all parties are working in conjunction towards a successful conclusion. Our weekly status reports are posted on line which means you can check the status of your transactions at any time and are a real benefit to backlog meetings.

We are a builder services company and 100% of our time and effort is spent assisting builders close more deals. Our unique system utilizes local listing specialists from recognizable brokerages but because we are not burdened with buyer walks, inspections, and sign calls we are able to devote all our energy towards making sure your deals close.

We are also extremely loyal to our builders and recognize the strength in long term relationships. Your customers are your customers and we constantly support the sale and don’t deviate from making sure they end up closing with you.

90% conversion rate (over 20 years)

97% willingness to refer

The company was founded in 1995 by partners who came from a new home sales and management background. After many years in the homebuilding business it became apparent that the management of transactions with an existing home to sell was an area consistently neglected by homebuilders, although it was becoming a larger part of their overall business. By combining knowledge of homebuilding operations with experience in general brokerage we have leveraged both strengths into an offering that increases our builder client’s effectiveness in attracting and closing customers with an existing home to sell.

Currently we operate in 12 different markets in 8 different states but we have the ability to list homes in any state. Give us a call to see how we can help you in your specific market. Our growth has come from word of mouth in the industry as a result of our superior results.

We offer a menu of programs called our Move-Smart Solutions. These various programs insure we can match your prospects needs with the appropriate benefit and overcome most objections. Because of the volume of business we handle, we have been able to weight the benefits heavily in favor of your prospects and offer them benefits that can’t be matched by your competition. You will have programs at your disposal that differentiate you from your competition and provide benefits your potential buyers will find hard to ignore.

Because potential buyers with a house to sell are considered lower level prospects they tend to not receive the follow up a more “buyer ready” prospect may receive. Our digital flyers, landing pages and proven re-engagement pieces are a great way to continue marketing to prospects and keep the builder name front and center. By either utilizing our CRM or plugging our professionally developed pieces into your own system we can provide the tools for sales counselors and internet sales specialists to maximize your sales.