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This program allowed us to move to a really nice neighborhood to a beautiful home
Posted By: Lloyd and Beverly
San Antonio, TX
They are supportive and helpful; always available
Posted By: James and Lucy
Dallas, TX
I have been convinced for a long time there is no better company or program then Move Up America at helping people .. customers and builders alike! Thank you again!
Posted By: Lavonna
Dallas, TX
Steve and Kathie were super through everything. Jay was available to help answer any questions we had....very good experiance
Posted By: Ryan and Jennifer
Charlotte, NC
Definitely a great program!! I kept thinking, "where's the catch?!" but it never came. We loved our Realtor and were so pleased with how everything went. We could not be happier about this experience!!
Posted By: Ryan and Kristi
Houston, TX
Our builder recommended the Realtor and the Move Up America Program to us. The wife and I had already decided that the builder and the community is what we wanted but when the builder recommended the Move Up America program to us and explained it's benefits, well that was just icing on the cake! Using Move Up America allowed me to sell my present home and purchase the new one all while I was working in Afghanistan, now if that is not as easy as it gets, I don't know what is! Move Up America should be an absolute choice for anyone wanting to buy and sell a home.
Posted By: James and Susan
San Antonio, TX
Move up America program is great. It helped me to sell my home and get a new dream home.Their service is great. Very straight forward and no hidden fee.The real etate agent who helped me to sell my previous home was recommended by Move up America. An extremely professional and knowledgable person.Thanks a lot Move up America.
Posted By: Jose and Maya
San Antonio, TX

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