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Awesome, I can't believe I have never heard of this before. Thanks.
Posted By: Michael and Shannon T.
Houston, TX
Thank you for all your moral support and ideas for selling our home.You were always friendly and willing to take time to listen.
Posted By: Joe and Alice Y.
Charlotte, NC
Using Move-Up America worked out great for us. Our house was on the market for 7 days and we received an offer. There were several homes in our neighborhood that had been on the market months prior. This is a great program. I will definitely recommend to anyone I know that is in the market for selling and buying a home.
Posted By: Steve and Terri M.
Ft. Worth, TX
Martha and Jeff were fantastic to work with. They were involved from the beginning of the project to the very end, from making sure that I was hgappy with the realtor to the very end. Move-Up America monitored the entire project and followed it closley making sure we were on top of the market sales price, my concerns and issues, marketing etc. I will refer Move-Up America to my family, friends, and colleagues. I could not be happier. Thanks Move up America, a job well done and painless.
Posted By: Shirley T.
Atlanta, GA
I think the Move-Up America Program is a great opportunity for a homeowner to have while building and selling at the same time. My realtor, Christy Warner, was awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to sell and build at the same time.
Posted By: Brenda R.
Houston, TX
The realtor was helpful and the move went smoothly. We sold our house in one day so that was somewhat surprising. Thank you.
Posted By: Michael and Diamantina G.
San Antonio, TX
The whole process went very smoothly. Once we signed up with the Move-Up America Realtor (Robert Scott), our home in the Dallas area sold within one month. The money that we saved by using him as opposed to another Realtor allowed us to bring our price down and sell the house more quickly. And then with the money we got back at our closing, it was a very big savings for us. Thanks for your help.
Posted By: Jeremy and Jennifer A.
Dallas, TX

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