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The entire experience was incredible. I would definitely refer my friends and family.
Posted By: Steve and Gina C.
Grand Prairie, TX
Great program! Was the difference between getting a new home and not getting a new home for us. Thanks!
Posted By: Sheldon G.
Greensboro, NC
We are really happy with the service, and yes we would recommend the Move-Up Program to others.
Posted By: Tuan and Lena D.
Ft. Worth, TX
The Move-Up America program was great and I always had prompt and courteous service from them. I would definitely recommend it.
Posted By: Rodney and Kelly C.
Charlotte, NC
We loved it and everyone was great and made things easier than we thought they would be. Spectacular and a great incentive. That money really came in handy at close...
Posted By: Richard and Deneen T.
Allen, TX
Definitely the best program ever. Move-Up America did EVERYTHING they could to make sure we got the house of our dreams. Please send me your web-site so I can send it to some of my military friends that are getting ready to retire and are looking to build their retirement homes. Again thanks.
Posted By: Lamont Burton and Tora N.
Locust Grove, GA
Everything went very smoothly. The realtors (the Pescatore/Avrit team) were very helpful and quickly sold our house in two weeks for very close to the asking price. The extra funds from your program allowed us to place 10% down on the new house, so we were very excited about that as we were planning to only put down 5%.
Posted By: Jeffrey and Lori M.
Allen, TX

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