The homes we choose are not always perfect for forever. Situations and circumstances can change very quickly. For the time being, your home might be the perfect size for you and your family…until it’s not. At a certain point in your life, you’ll outgrow your home.


Whether this means you need something larger or opt to downsize to a smaller home with newer amenities or even buy your first home, we’re here to help you figure out which option is best for you!

When it’s Time to Move-Up



Are you planning to start a family or expecting a new family member soon? If it’s beginning to feel like you’re squeezing everyone into your home or you’re just ready to get started on that big family you’ve always wanted, it’s time to think about moving up and into a new home to accommodate your growing family.



While you can remodel your kitchen, create a more luxurious bath, you can’t remodel yourself a larger yard, a two-car garage, or additional square footage. Even if you managed to find a way, comparing the cost of a large remodel versus a larger, newer home that is move-in ready simply doesn’t make sense. You can transform your space as many times as you’d like, but ultimately, you can’t create square footage from thin air.



When else would moving to a larger home make sense? Perhaps you have a new job or a boost in your income and you can afford the extra space. Maybe your children are reaching school-age and you’d like to move into a new community or send them to a different school. New home communities are often bustling with growing families and new ways to call a place home.

When it’s Time to Downsize



When the kids have moved off to college or moved out and into their own homes, what will you do with all the extra space? If there’s too much extra square footage to maintain or reasonably inhabit, it might be time to downsize into a smaller home.


Many initially think about downsizing as a way to save money, but when you downsize into a smaller, yet newer home you’re opting for newer and often better amenities.



Downsizing is also a great way to put away more money for retirement, your family, or just to have additional money in savings or on-hand for spending. With a lower mortgage, less home expenses, and energy efficiency, it can become easier than before to save more money from your income.

Is it Time to Buy Your First Home?



Have you just finished paying off a car loan, student loans or another type of large, yet significant debt? Paying off a large expense can mean a huge relief off your shoulders, but it can also mean you’re closer than ever to being ready to buy your first home.



Starting a family is a big decision – and one that doesn’t always go according to plan if you live in an apartment or home built cozy enough for two. When starting your family, you’ll want to think about the amenities your family will benefit from – i.e. a yard, a larger garage, and separation from neighbors living directly above or beside you.

Whether you’re ready to move up, downsize or buy your first home Move-Up America is ready to make your transition into a brand new home easy and affordable! Contact us today to find out how you can move into a brand new home while saving time AND thousands of dollars in the process!