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Move-Up America is a full service real estate brokerage that is re-inventing the process of selling an existing home while purchasing a newly constructed home from a builder. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Move-Up America has established itself as a national leader in contingent homebuyer services. With an extensive background in both new home procedures as well as residential brokerage services we are the industries leading resource in assisting families and homebuilders navigate the difficult process of selling one property while preparing to move into a newly built home.
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Top Five Tips to Successfully Budgeting a Move

When planning on relocating your family and belongings, it’s crucial that you budget the move before getting started to save as much money as possible and to make relocating a smooth transition. These five tips will point you in the right direction when trying to budget a move successfully.


Plan Ahead and Assess Your Moving Budget

Not planning and budgeting your move could lead to you spending more money than necessary on relocating. Even the smallest add-ons and purchases can quickly add up, so setting a budget is one of the most essential things you can do. Create a template electronically or even adjust a record-book or checkbook to help you get organized for your upcoming move.  All you need is something to track your actual and estimated expenses and some math skills to make any template work.


Shop Around and Get Quotes

If your planning on relocating with a moving company, ensure they have the best services for the best price by calling around and receiving quotes before deciding on a company. Think of things like the rate of the move, what's included in the pricing, packing services, moving insurance, and even hidden costs.

Are you thinking about a DIY move? It may not always be the most cost-effective way to move. It's smart to look into all options and compare prices to see which would be the easiest way for you to move within your budget. When adding up self-moving expenses, remember to include a rental truck, gas and rental moving equipment such as a dolly and a ramp. If moving far away, be sure to add in expenses like food and lodging for the journey to your new home.


Declutter and Purge for Fewer Belongings

The fewer things you have to move the better! Whether by needing less time for movers, less space for a storage unit or even more money after it’s sold, the items we no longer need are more beneficial not coming to the new home. Before packing up, go through each room and declutter your belongings. If you have any duplicate or unneeded items that have been collected over the years, donate the possessions that are still in good use and if you have enough items to purge, hold a garage sale to get them off your hands!


Get Packing Materials for Low or No Cost

Having to pay for boxes can quickly add expenses to your moving budget, but if you get creative, moving boxes can be found everywhere! Ask around the office or make a quick social post to see if anyone has any extra boxes they are willing to get rid of! If you can’t find any for free then properly organizing your belongings to estimate the correct number of boxes needed to move successfully can help from buying too many and thus spending more money.

It’s also important to remember to add in materials like mattress covers and wrapping materials to keep things safe and packing materials like tape and markers to seal and label boxes.


Keep an Ongoing Record of Moving Expenses


So, you set-up a budget beforehand, but are you still on track? It’s vital to keep a record of your moving expenses while it’s happening. Totals can add up quickly, so it’s best to keep a receipt and record of your costs to make sure you are staying within your means. If you’re lucky enough to get reimbursed for your move, having a detailed record of your expenses will be of great value when submitting that paperwork.


Moving can be an expensive process, but by making a budget and sticking to it, you can have a seamless move into your new home. Are you wanting to move but don’t know where to start in the process of selling your home? At Move-Up America, we have reinvented the process of selling your home! Contact us today to learn more.

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