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The Best Beaches In Texas For Families


If you’re like us, the middle of summer is just about the time this Texas heat becomes unbearable, and you start dreaming of white sand, blue waves, and more iced tea than you can shake a stick at. The kids are dying to build sandcastles, and you’re dying to lay under a giant beach umbrella with a good book. Sound familiar?


While this year is a little different than others, getting out in the great outdoors is still one of the safest things you can do. And if you’re feeling especially safety-conscious, use this time to plan next year’s beach adventure.


To help with your planning, here’s just a few of our favorite local sandy spots:


1. Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsula



This beautiful beach is perfect for families looking to escape the crowds. Out on the Bolivar Peninsula, you’ll be miles away from civilization, with just your crew and the wide blue sea.


2. Isla Blanca Park, South Padre Island



Isla Blanca Park boasts the whitest sand you’ll find in Texas! There’s swimming, showers, a walking trail, and lots of food options for some post-swim snacking. What else could you ask for?


3. Stewart Beach, Galveston



Say hello to the best beach for family visits—ever. Equipped with ample bathrooms, umbrella rentals, chairs, and even concessions, both you and your kids will be able to sit back and relax without a worry in the world.


4. San Jose Island, Port Aransas



If you’re just here for the beach, San Jose Island is the place for you. This 21-mile island is reachable only by ferry, and boasts great fishing, swimming, and surfing opportunities.


5. Rockport Beach



As the first blue wave beach in Texas, Rockport beach is one of the safest places to let the little ones play freely. You won’t have to worry about strong undertows or big waves.


These are strange times we’re living in, so make sure to check for closures or limited access before hitting the road. Enjoy your summer vacation—as a busy parent, you’ve earned it. And if a new home is also in your summer plans, contact us today. Our team is prepared to help you buy a brand-new home while saving time AND thousands of dollars in the process!

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