Keeping Your Kids Safe Through the Holidays


From the yummy treats of Thanksgiving time, to the wonders of the Christmas season, the holidays can be a wonderful time for children—but they can also be dangerous. From poisonous plants to electrical hazards, fun holiday festivities can pose potential dangers for your kids, especially younger ones.  


Here are some simple steps to keep children safe during the holiday season:


1. Keep Your Celebrations Safe with a Designated Babysitter



If a holiday party is in your plans, make sure there will be designated childcare at the event or hire a babysitter and let your little ones stay home. It’s not enough to just be at an event with other adults and assume someone will be looking out for the kids. Babysitting duty needs to be someone’s full-time occupation at any festivity with kids!


2. Watch Out for Danger Plants


If you must decorate with seasonal plants, do so safely. Holly and mistletoe must be kept out of the reach of children, as both are poisonous and can be a real safety hazard to little ones that like to put everything in their mouth. Better yet, buy plastic!


3. Avoid Small Parts on Toys


Always buy toys that are labeled for your child’s age range to avoid the risk of doling out a choking hazard by accident. Toys for children under three in particular must be bigger than the size of the child’s fist for safety. It’s good to inspect all toys before giving them to your child as well, to ensure that no small pieces could break off during play.


4. Practice Fireside Safety


‘Tis the season for a comfortable blaze in the fireplace, but make sure to use precautions to keep your kiddos at a safe distance. Get a solid screen to place in front of the fire to prevent rogue sparks, and preferably get one that locks into place so that it won’t fall over if handled roughly.


5. Watch Your Tree Carefully


As you prepare for Christmas, be choosy with your tree selections. If you’re shopping for an artificial tree, look for one that is fire resistant. If choosing a live tree, make sure to keep it watered to avoid dry needles and a potential fire hazard.


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