As we head into the last few months of the year, the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and amazing product is beginning to show up at grocery stores and farmer's markets. Next time you're meal planning or grocery shopping, check out these wonderful, seasonal fruits and veggies to add some color to your plate.


While sliced apples might be a staple of school lunches, many delectable recipes use cooked apples. Now is the perfect time to visit a local apple orchard and have fun with the family picking a bushel of the sweet, crispy fruit. Once you take them home, you can use them in a pie, cobbler, applesauce, or spiced apple cider.


One of our favorite ways to use apples is in baked oatmeal. Cooking the apples brings out their natural sweetness, which delivers some excitement to this otherwise drab breakfast entree.


Fresh figs are wildly different from the classic NABISCO treat. These fruits are incredibly sweet. They are often paired with savory or salty foods because they contrast so much. Try slicing figs and serving them with prosciutto, yogurt and honey, or cheese. If you get adventurous, try making your own fig Newtons at home.




Pears may not be quite as popular as apples, but they are so sweet and versatile. Pears can be used in virtually any recipe where apples are the main star, but provide their unique taste instead. Fresh or caramelized pears go well with bitter or bland foods, like oatmeal or salads, because they add some sweetness and a pleasant texture.




Although pumpkins get most of the attention, squash is an excellent vegetable to round out a lunch or dinner entree. These veggies will get you into the fall mood when you cook them into a warm stew or a thick soup.



At face value, cauliflower can seem very bland. When it's steamed and served alongside peas and green beans, it sure can be. However, that doesn't have to the case. Because cauliflower has a neutral taste, it can be used in place of other ingredients to add some more nutritional value. Some creative recipes use cauliflower to make buffalo cauliflower "hot wings," mashed cauliflower (in place of mashed potatoes), and in spicy curries and soups.


Does all this fall produce have you wishing for a backyard garden? If you don't have space for one in your current living situation, contact the team at Move-Up America to help you find the perfect place.