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How to Get the Kids Involved in Your Move


Moving is a big change for kids but getting them involved in the moving process can help make the transition smoother for the whole family and even fun for the little ones!


Let Them Help from The Start


Getting them involved from the start can help ease the process and allow them time to prepare for the change. Even in the home search process, get the kids involved! Take them on showings or show them photos during your searches if having them tag along is too taxing. Letting them be a part of this decision making can even make them feel more included in the transition. Make a timeline of the move and what’s happening when. For example, you could put down when you plan to start packing and when they start their new school.


Plan Out Their New Room


Let the kids make as many choices as you can. Can they choose their new bedroom color or maybe the new decorations? A fun, interactive activity to consider is creating cutouts of all the furniture going into their new room and lay it out as it will fit in the new space so they can see exactly how it will look before moving in! If the choosing of the overall décor is too major, maybe a new bed set or fun rug is a choice you can leave to the kids. Making the space their own will help them feel a little more in control in the midst of all the change.


Label and Decorate Boxes


Keeping the kids busy while you’re packing can be hard to do, so why not put them to work? Give them markers, stickers, crayons and any materials you can think of to let them decorate the boxes! If they are old enough to write you can even put them on labeling duty, making them feel like an important part of the packing process.


Pack Their Essentials Bag or Box


Give your child a dedicated box, bag or suitcase for the essential items that they believe they may need during the move. Include toys and games to keep them preoccupied during travel and let them put the belongings they feel are the most important in the bag or box. You can always pack an actual essentials bags with pieces of clothing and toiletries for them as well, but the more fun you make it, the easier the transition will be (fingers crossed).


Organize and Clean


When decluttering for a move, let your children take care of their own belongings, with some supervision of course. Maybe allow them to decide what they would like to donate or sell in a garage sale. They will feel like they have a say in important decisions and can even get a sense of helping others by donating their unneeded belongings.


You can even have your kids help clean out the pantry if they are of school age. Ask them to take out all of the items and check expiration dates. If something is expired, they can toss it out!


Once your home is packed and ready to go, let the kids help you clean up the old house! Give them their own cleaning supplies like brooms, dustpans, and feather dusters and set them on a task to clean up the baseboards or under cabinet spaces. You’d be surprised how much kids can enjoy tasks adults dread.


Forget the moving process, are you still stuck in the home selling and/or buying process? Contact Move-Up America today and find out how we can help your family get into a brand-new home easier than ever!

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