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Five Strategies For Homeschooling During COVID-19


As we enter the new school year with COVID-19 still an ever-present part of our daily lives, many parents are turning to homeschool for the first time to keep their families safe. It’s a reasonable choice, given the circumstances, but if you’ve never considered teaching before, let alone full-time schooling—when you may already have a full-time job—the prospect may be overwhelming. However, with a few allowances, a lot of planning, and some flexibility, it’s possible to make homeschooling during COVID-19 your new reality.


Here are some fun, sanity-saving strategies for parents to employ during this time:


Go To A Real Home “School”



Set aside a separate space to do schoolwork—and nothing else. While it may be tempting to do math sprawled on the floor, it encourages overlap between work and play. With their very own desk used only for schoolwork, kids know that the moment they sit down, it’s business time.


Get Active



You can’t go the gym, and your kids don’t have recess—but don’t give up on the idea of activity altogether. Use this as an opportunity to get some family time in by organizing a group workout in the middle of the day. Do some jumping jacks, planks, and pushups together, right in your living room!


Be Flexible



One of the advantages to homeschooling—especially as a working parent—is that you can adjust your child’s schedule around your own. Don’t be afraid to organize home school around your work needs, and definitely don’t feel like you have to adhere to a traditional 9-3 school day.


Let Them Follow Their Passions



Another perk of home schooling is the freedom it offers to pursue your passions. If your child is super into dinosaurs, it’s a great opportunity to set them to researching the Jurassic Era and building a diorama. They’ll spend hours occupied with something they love, and learn a lot along the way.


Take Breaks



Be wary of working too long and hard without a break! Your kids have short attention spans and need to take regular breaks, lest they get burnt out and cantankerous on the third hour of math in a row. Even if you haven’t accomplished everything you wanted to, know when it’s time to call it quits and have a snack. The math book will still be there after a couple of chicken nuggets.


All this homeschooling and working from home may have you considering the perks of a bigger living space. If a new home is in your 2020 plans, let us help. Contact Move-Up America today to take the first step towards a bigger and better home for your family.

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