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Five Fun Activities To Do Inside With Kids


Tired of being cooped up inside? Us too. And if you’re sick of not being able to go to your favorite places and do your favorite things—or even get out to the grocery store—then your kids are likely going a little stir-crazy as well. When you’ve run out of puzzles and construction paper crafts to concoct with the little ones, what’s a busy parent to do?


Never fear. We’ve put together our tried-and-true list of activities to do inside with kids young and old. Check it out below!


DIY Obstacle Course



If you have any spare painters’ tape, cardboard boxes, or workout equipment laying around, then you have the materials for a makeshift obstacle course. A hallway is best for the project: Lay the tape on the ground to indicate places to start and finish, and then fill the space in between with tape to crawl under, boxes to jump over, and bands to hip-hop across. This will keep kids entertained and active for hours!


The Great Quarantine Bake-Off



All this time inside is a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Try a kid-friendly recipe, or let your child lead the way and customize a simple recipe like cookies or cupcakes with their own snazzy toppings. When they’re done, let them command the room for two minutes and give a short talk about what they made, how they did it…and anything they learned along the way.


Junk Drawer Art Festival



Who said you had to spend a bunch of cash on crafting kits? Instead, empty that drawer full of bits of broken toys, clothespins, and spare change, and turn it into a modern work of art with some paints and clay. When you’re done, have the kids take turns telling a story about their art piece like a tour guide at a museum.


Camping Season


It may not be quite the great outdoors, but your living room can become an uncharted wilderness in the time it takes to set up a couch fort or a tent. Let the kids pretend they’re out camping for a day or two, complete with sleeping bags in the tents and smores on paper plates.


Pen Pals



For older kids, have them pick a relative they may not see often or cannot visit because of safety concerns, and write them a good old-fashioned letter. The kids get to practice handwriting and spelling, and grandparents or other relatives get a special treat in the mail. It’s a win-win activity!


If all this extra time at home is making your cozy nest feel a little small—we can help with that! Even under current conditions, virtual tours and other digital tools make it possible to shop for a new home from the safety of your couch. Move-Up America is ready to help you sell your current home and purchase a new one—and save thousands of dollars in the process. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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