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Move-Up America is a full service real estate brokerage that is re-inventing the process of selling an existing home while purchasing a newly constructed home from a builder. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Move-Up America has established itself as a national leader in contingent homebuyer services. With an extensive background in both new home procedures as well as residential brokerage services we are the industries leading resource in assisting families and homebuilders navigate the difficult process of selling one property while preparing to move into a newly built home.

When’s The Best Time of Year To Move?


Almost everyone has moved at some point in their lives, and yet it still seems hard to get a clear answer on the best time of year to move. Is it summer? Lots of people like to move in the summer—but beware of the heat! Is it winter? Some will advocate for a quick and chilly move, but others will warn that you won’t be able to get movers in winter to save your life. There’s a lot of opinions on moving out there, and today, we’ll weigh the pros and cons for moving during each season, so you can decide which one is best for you.




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Top Five Tips to Successfully Budgeting a Move

When planning on relocating your family and belongings, it’s crucial that you budget the move before getting started to save as much money as possible and to make relocating a smooth transition. These five tips will point you in the right direction when trying to budget a move successfully.


Plan Ahead and Assess Your Moving Budget

Not planning and budgeting your move could lead to you spending more money than necessary on relocating. Even the smallest add-ons and purchases can quickly add up, so setting a budget is one of the most essential things you can do. Create a template electronically or even adjust a record-book or checkbook to help you get organized for your upcoming move.  All you need is something to track your actual and estimated expenses and some math skills to make any template work.

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How can you make your backyard a pleasant retreat this summer?

It’s summertime, and things can get a little wild out there. You mow the lawn one Saturday, and before you know it the grass has shot up, the bushes are invading the neighbor’s driveway again, and no one’s seen the mailbox in weeks. Yikes! Is it your backyard or a jungle out there? Never fear! For families looking to keep their yard a fantastic play-friendly habitat, we’ve got the tips for you.

1. Spray for mosquitos This is perhaps the best thing you can do in a Texas summer if you ever want to go outside again. Get a professional to treat your yard for mosquitos so your kids can return to the great outdoors bug-bite free.

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Family-Friendly Activities to Kick Off Your Summer

With summer right around the corner (we’re already feeling the heat), you’ll likely spend countless days at your favorite spots to cool off. For families looking for fun beyond the trips to the pool or the park, we’ve compiled a list of family-friendly activities to kick off the summer!



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4 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

The last few months of the year tend to become the busiest for most families. Between the kids being in school, to all the activities you try to fit into your calendar on weekends, and the holidays, there just doesn’t seem to be any time leftover for anything else. When you throw holiday guests into the mix, things tend to get a little hectic. However, we have some tips to help you prepare your home long before the holiday guests arrive. The key is to plan ahead and start early. 

1. Clean and organize your home one room at a time

The thought of cleaning your entire house until it’s spotless for arriving holiday guests likely seems overwhelming on top of the other million to-do’s you probably have on your list. Cleaning up your home doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing, as long as you have a strategy and plan ahead. This means you shouldn’t attempt to clean your entire house thirty minutes before your guests are scheduled to arrive. Start a week in advance and tackle your house one room at a time. If you find it helpful, make a checklist for each room.

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