Back to School


It’s that time of year again, and parents everywhere are starting to round up the little ones from their romps in the great outdoors, and rope them into backpacks, uniforms, and shoes. Your older kids may be used to this, but your little ones may need some help adjusting to their new schedule. We may not be Pinterest, but we’ve got some suggestions for five easy ways to transition your kiddos into the new school year.


Organize everything


1. Organize everything


You can never have enough IKEA sorters and hanging cubbies in the closet. Anything that you can give a designated spot, should get a designated spot. Whether it’s school supplies or uniforms: divide and conquer!




2. Lay out outfits the night before – socks included


Speaking of organization, make sure you lay out everyone’s outfit the night before. This way, you’ll avoid the panic of suddenly not having any clean socks five minutes before you have to leave to get on the bus.


Don’t forget breakfast


3.  Don’t forget breakfast


Food prep is handy for so many things. Consider prepping breakfast for the whole week on the weekends, so that during the week all you have to do is grab a pre-made breakfast sandwich or taco. Skip the stress and fuel your mornings right!




4. Choose your own lunches


If your kids are picky eaters, it can be helpful to let them choose what they want to eat that day in as many ways as possible. Giving them a “menu” of the three options they have for the day, and then letting them pick a veggie and a fruit to go with, can increase the odds that lunch will get eaten, and not traded for a twinkie.



5. Schedule in plain sight


You probably have a calendar on your phone jam-packed with dates, but having a wall calendar can also be useful, especially if it’s in plain sight on the fridge while you’re making lunches in the morning.


Going back to school after a long summer can be rough, but with a little creativity and a lot of organizing, you and your kiddos will hit your perfect routine in no time. And, now that the kids are in school, you can start concentrating on your own plans—whether that’s a thorough housecleaning or finding another home entirely. If you’re looking to move this fall, don’t hesitate to let us know. MoveUp America can help!