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6 Simple Home Hacks to Make this the Best Fall Ever

Fall is nearly here and even though this one will be different than previous years, it can still be incredible. You might not be sitting in the bleachers at a football game or wandering through a corn maze, but making some minor changes to your home's interior can nevertheless put you in the spirit. Check out these simple home hacks to make this the best fall ever.

1 Slippers

That's right- slippers. When the cool weather starts to (finally) creep in, there is nothing better than coming home and sliding your feet into some cozy, warm slippers. Especially if you have tile or hardwood floors that can feel chilly on bare feet, slippers are a must.


This is a perfect opportunity to level up your slipper game. Toss those cheap ones with the holes in the toes and get some comfy, luxurious slippers. Keep your toes toasty all season long.


2 Flannel Sheets

Jersey or linen sheets are great for staying nice and breezy during those warm, summer nights. However, once the temperature starts to cool down, changing out those bed sheets for flannel keeps you warm and cozy. 

3 Add Fleece Blankets to Living Spaces

Central air conditioning and heating are fantastic modern luxuries, but living in a 72-degree climate-controlled microcosm can create a barrier between us and the outside world. Instead, have the heater come on at a lower temp, like 64 degrees, and pepper your home with fleece blankets to grab and keep you warm.


Do you have a favorite reading chair or nook? Keep a fleece blanket there and curl up with your favorite book and some hot tea or coffee. By the way, blankets don't have to be indoor only. Get a couple of outdoor blankets and make use of your deck or patio throughout the season.

4 Light a Fire

Whether it's a candle or in a fireplace, the soft glow of a fire brings an instant warmth and fall ambiance to your home. If you find yourself burning through candles (pun intended) too quickly, consider making them yourself for an inexpensive home craft.

5 Bring a Fall Theme to Your Dining Table

Bust out the fall-themed dinnerware, tablecloths, and centerpieces! Even the ones that might seem a bit kitschy can still inspire fall feels and create your desired autumnal ambiance. Just for the season, replace your standard, everyday dishes with a set that has leaf flourishes or pumpkins on them. These dishes don't need to be for special occasions only. Get some use out of them while also creating a relaxing atmosphere for dinnertime.

6 Put a Fall Wreath on Your Door

Is there anything more "fall" than a wreath on your front door? Okay, sure maybe pumpkin pie, scarecrows, etc. However, hanging a fall-themed wreath on your front door adds a flair that sets the mood immediately when someone comes in.


You can purchase a wreath or make your own and throw your own artist twist on it. Already have a fall wreath on your front door? No problem! Put some smaller wreaths on interior doors to jazz up what is typically just a functional gate from one room to the next.


We hope these simple home hacks will help make this the best fall ever. If your home feeling a bit small this year with the whole family working (or schooling) from home? Consider upgrading to a bigger home. At Move-Up America, we make the process of selling, buying, and moving simple and straightforward. We even help you save money while you're at it!

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