5 Easy Steps to Make Your Home Ready to Sell in Spring

Spring is often an optimal time to list your home for sale and to start looking at what’s on the market. Many families begin their search for a new place to call home during this time because more homes are listed on the market and families are eager to move into a new space by the summer. While you can’t reasonably expect someone to buy your home as soon as they walk through the door, you can take the following steps to make your home an attractive option on the market. 



1. Get caught up on home maintenance tasks


Out of sight, out of mind? Not when it comes to home maintenance. Just because you’re selling your home doesn’t mean those pesky maintenance tasks aren’t your problem anymore. Tackle those minor tasks like fixing leaky faucets, repairing broken doorbells, and cleaning the gutters to avoid dealing with a catastrophe down the road. Bonus: Keeping up with home maintenance can be a major plus to potential buyers!



2. Spend on small upgrades that provide positive return


Now is not the time to gut and remodel your entire kitchen. The renovation might help with selling, but you certainly won’t get all the money that you put into it back in time. Instead, tackle smaller projects like updating living areas with fresh paint, by painting cabinets, replacing carpets – you get the idea. These smaller projects won’t break your bank and will more than likely please potential buyers (and your real estate agent).



3. Add curb appeal with landscaping


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Your home’s first impressions will be made when potential buyers arrive. We’re not saying you have to go all Fixer-Upper on your home but adding curb appeal or showing off a well-manicured yard can provide positive return - especially as warmer seasons approach. Add landscaping to your yard and completing with furniture or a fire pit in the back might help them see the value your yard will bring.



4. Declutter your space for a tidy, organized home


Potential buyers obviously know that someone currently lives in your home, but that doesn’t mean they want to know it…or see it. Declutter your space to make it look like a space that hasn’t been worn in. Store personal items that clutter furniture surfaces away (maybe under the bed so they can see the closet space) and if you have an abundance of knick-knacks, it’s probably best to leave them out of sight.  



5. Live with less: make it easy to show in minutes


We all know it’s often hard keeping a home clean, especially with a family to clean up after – but when your house is actively on the market, it also needs to be clean 24/7 incase a realtor pops by for a showing with short notice. This means you’ve got to take serious measures to keep your home clean just in case “the one” wants to see your home in 30 minutes time. The trick here is to keep your items organized and stored away – putting some items you don’t need around the home in storage may help.


Whether you’re ready to move up, downsize, or buy your first home, the Move-Up America team is ready to make your transition into a new home both easy AND affordable. Contact us today to find out how you can move into a brand new home while saving time AND save thousands of dollars in the process!


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