4 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

The last few months of the year tend to become the busiest for most families. Between the kids being in school, to all the activities you try to fit into your calendar on weekends, and the holidays, there just doesn’t seem to be any time leftover for anything else. When you throw holiday guests into the mix, things tend to get a little hectic. However, we have some tips to help you prepare your home long before the holiday guests arrive. The key is to plan ahead and start early. 

1. Clean and organize your home one room at a time

The thought of cleaning your entire house until it’s spotless for arriving holiday guests likely seems overwhelming on top of the other million to-do’s you probably have on your list. Cleaning up your home doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing, as long as you have a strategy and plan ahead. This means you shouldn’t attempt to clean your entire house thirty minutes before your guests are scheduled to arrive. Start a week in advance and tackle your house one room at a time. If you find it helpful, make a checklist for each room.

2. Have extra toiletries and supplies ready for your guests

If your guests are staying for a while, it’s good measure to obtain and store extra supplies in a place that’s easy for them to find. Items such as toiletries, towels, and extra blankets will go a long way when you have guests staying for more than a couple of days. Store these items in spaces like their bathroom or allow them to have a space in a linen closet near the room they’re occupying and let them know shortly after they arrive.

3. Plan holiday activities for everyone to enjoy

Whether your guests are arriving to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday in-between, you should plan holiday-themed activities for everyone to enjoy while they’re here. Tour a nearby attraction, take a stroll in the park, or plan family games at home. If the little ones are also visiting, make sure the activities are kid-friendly. For Thanksgiving, it can be helping decorate the table or help prepare some of the meal. For Christmas time, they can help decorate the tree, build and decorate Gingerbread houses, or help choose where to hang lights.

4. Don’t go over-the-top with holiday décor

With incoming guests for the holidays, you might have the overwhelming desire to impress them with your holiday décor. However, you don’t have to go overboard to jazz up your home. Even simple décor will do the trick, which will save you time and stress in the long-run. Hang a few lights and garland, put out only some of your simple and non-fragile decorations and just make sure they’re kid-friendly if the little ones are coming for a visit, too. Your guests are looking forward to your company, not how overboard you can get with holiday décor.

With these easy home preparation tips, you can get your home ready for holiday guests and have enough time to spend enjoying activities with your family. Are you looking to move into a brand new home before the holidays? Move-Up America is here to make moving into a brand new home the easiest part of the holidays for your family. Contact us today to find out how you can move into a brand new home while saving time AND thousands of dollars in the process!

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