2018 Home Design Trends You’ll Want Included in Your Home

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The arrival of Spring might make you feel inspired to tackle that spring cleaning list or - it may leave you wanting to breathe new life into your home’s interior design. By adding new design trends, revamping your home’s interior design can keep you feeling refreshed and excited.


While décor and design trends like all-white kitchens and neutrals quickly become a fad you’ll need to forget in order to stay on top of current trends, you’ll want to embrace these unique 2018 home design trends with open arms. 


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1. Goodbye Shower Curtains, Hello Glass Inserts


Say goodbye to shower curtains and hello to glass inserts for those tub-shower combos! This trend has been increasing in popularity recently, perhaps because it provides a sleek, open look and often, it makes a small bathroom look even larger than it did before.


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2. Matte is the New Black


From Matte hardware to Matte Black kitchen products, it’s safe to say that Matte colors – especially Black Matte - is a growing trend being incorporated in kitchens around the world. Whether you plan to add the color to your kitchen island, furniture pieces, or something else entirely, it’s sure to be a major talking point in your home.


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3. Reclaiming Wood Accent Walls


Shiplap, reclaimed wood, and detailing with millwork for accent walls – particularly in the living room or bedroom – are a major home design trend you have seen and will continue to see throughout 2018. We all know where the shiplap and reclaimed wood trend comes from and how it quickly made its way into homes across America – *wink wink* Chip + Jo. While these products have become the staple for accent walls, how you utilize them in your design will be uniquely your decision.


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4. Forget About Muted Colors, Go for Bold


Grey, beige, and greige may be the interior paint colors of choice, but bolder statements are being made through furniture choices. Incorporating a bright- or bold-colored couch into your living space creates a bold statement for your interior design and décor. Whether you choose something to accent your home’s color scheme – like navy or you could go all out and choose a red or purple. Whether it’s just for a season or the next five years, in 2018, bold is beautiful.


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Get Ready for Metallic and Geometric Designs


If you witnessed glimpses of Metallic colors incorporated into home décor, you can rest assured knowing you’ll see even more of it this year. Another popular design trend you should expect to see more of is metallic and geometric shapes in home décor. Don’t be surprised when you start to see geometric designs in home décor and interior design.


Whether you’re planning a complete redesign, want a design refresh, or hope to incorporate some of these new design trends into a newly built home, these 2018 home design trends can help breathe new life into your home.


If you’re ready to explore life in a newly built home, the Move-Up America team is ready to help make your transition both easy AND affordable. Contact us today to find out how to move into a brand new home while saving time AND saving thousands of dollars in the process!

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